Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. We have a well-trained professional team, with professional knowledge, rich experience and unlimited credibility. Our proms are streamlined into a system from cut to delivery, rigorously checked and double-checked for quality. In addition to ensuring quality and first-class service, we also offer you the most reasonable prices as we tailor your prom dresses, homecoming dresses. We are committed to ensuring that you get the perfect dress for any occasion. Here's how we guarantee the quality of our clothes.

Order Details Confirmation

We have dedicated staff to review your order details, confirm every size, colour, fabric, etc., and check if there are any factors that may affect the dress processing. At the same time, you will receive an email confirming your order in your inbox.

Production and Inspection

Every garment and accessory is tailored by our professional and experienced tailors. We have advanced manufacturing facilities. The dress- making process is smooth and rigorous. Therefore, you do not need to dress style and quality of doubt and worry.
1.We carefully select high-quality beads, pearls, fabrics and threads to make each piece of clothing. We look for vivid colour, beautiful gloss and rich texture in every material in your dress.
2.Many of our dresses have beautiful beading on sleeves, corsets or skirts. Professional tailors spend hours skillfully sewing beads and pearls to create elegant and classic designs.
3.Ruched details isn't just about decorating your outfit -- it can help create a captivating silhouette. Our tailors hand make all the pleats to create the perfect shape and fullness of each dress.
4.All our dresses are fully lined and structured to hold their shape and flatter your figure. Our full skirt dresses are lined with hard mesh under soft fabrics to feel comfortable on the skin.

Garment Packing

Before packing, we will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that the product conforms to your order and contains the correct accessories.
All dresses and accessories must go through our rigorous quality assurance process. Our highly trained QA team first checks each item internally and externally according to strict requirements and international ISO quality standards. We then perform a basic check to ensure that the product conforms to every detail specified on your order. Goods are not allowed to be shipped unless they meet all our standards!
Our packaging team uses effective methods to avoid possible damage during the packaging process, making your package more waterproof, pressure resistant and airtight.

Garment Tracking

Global delivery with short delivery time and reasonable freight. Long-term cooperation with renowned carriers from all over the world will ensure that your orders are delivered safely and quickly to your door.
Once your package leaves our door, you will receive an email notifying you of the tracking number. You can start tracking packages within 2 days; Our customer service team will track it until it reaches the destination safely.

Excellent Customer Service

Wherever you are, please contact us as soon as possible when you want to place an order or give us valuable advice. We value our relationships with customers, partners and companies like you, so our customer service team is ready to help you. A 24-hour live chat service is available to handle all your inquiries and queries. Your satisfaction is our top priority.